OUr Mission

Here at Bend Photo Tours, we wholeheartedly believe that taking amazing pictures should be fun and attainable for everyone wanting to learn, without endangering the environment for the “perfect shot”.  Our education strategy is based on “in the field” photography training, while showcasing best practices for environmental awareness.  In addition we put our community at the forefront of our efforts, making sure we are catering to the photo needs of our town as well as our visitors. Here is a deeper look at our Company Mission and Goals, and how by booking with us you’ll make a difference too!

IN THE FIELD PHOTO TRAINING - Our goal is to make photo education fun, easily attainable and approachable to everyone who wants to expand their skill sets.  We focus on in the field instruction, going out and actually learning while we shoot at locations, because that’s how we learn best….by doing.  Taking photos should be something that is fun and a great way to memorialize a trip, adventure or just day to day life, and we can show you easy tips and techniques to get you off Auto settings and allowing you more control over your images. 

If you’re already an expert photographer, we can show you the best locations to shoot and cater to any photo skill level, based on what you want to learn or improve on.

COMMUNITY AND TOURISM - What sets us apart from other Photo Tour companies is that we cater to both the Bend, Oregon local, and surrounding areas, as well as those visiting Central Oregon.  By partnering with local companies and businesses like REI Bend for our Photo Talks and Photo Workshops, as well as the COCC (Central Oregon Community College) to offer Continuing Education classes in photography every semester, we strongly believe in the strength of our community. 

Working with Visit Bend and The Bend Tour Company, and Visit Central Oregon, we also want to help showcase our stunning area to those who are visiting.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY – We not only want to be an approachable resource for photography education, but also educate about best use practices when it comes to sustaining our natural environment while taking photos. We take environmental sustainability education very seriously and realize that if we miss use our natural environment, then these amazing places we are photographing will be victim to the impact.  We strive to educate all our tour goers about the power of their footprint on the environment and what they can do to keep them picturesque for generations to come.  It all starts with knowing and doing our part.  That’s why we work very closely with Visit Bend and fully support The Bend Pledge:

  • I vow to be a respectful guest in Bend’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • I’ll make my own memories, but not my own trails.

  • I will be responsible with fire during dry summer months and with ice on slick winter roads.

  • I won’t risk life or limb (human or sapling) for more likes.

  • I’ll be friendly and courteous, because that’s the bend way.

  • If I can’t find a parking spot, I will not invent my own.

  • When playing outside, I’ll prepare for shifts in weather and random episodes of magic.

  • I’ll pack in reusable containers and pack out all my trash.

  • I will use my turn signal often and my car horn seldom.

  • I promise to leave Bend better than I found it.

DONATION - We also want to put our money where our mouths are and have partnered with Discover Your Forest to donate $10 for every tour booked.  Their mission mimics ours by promoting education and discovery of Northwest public lands, enriching the experience of visitors, and encouraging stewardship of these special places today and for generations to come.

PARTNERSHIPS - It takes a village to build a business and we definitely couldn’t have done it without our partners.