Bend Photo Tours

From novice to expert, we can always continue to expand our photography skills. Bend Photo Tours creates a photography experience highlighting the amazing Central Oregon landscape, while our expert photographers provide guidance on how to enhance the way you capture the Beauty of Bend.  

Choose from our several picturesque tours below or we can work with you on creating a tour that caters to your photographic needs.  

Helicopter Tour Bend Photo Tour

HELICOPTER Photo Tour-Bend+Lava Lands

Best views in town are from above! Join us for a 1.5 hour door-less helicopter tour spending 30 minutes flying over Downtown Bend and the Lava Lands along with a 1-hour photo and Lightroom review.

Tour Price: $599 up to 2 people

Deschutes River

This 2-hour tour showcases downtown Bend and immediate surrounding area around it with the beautiful Deschutes River running through town.

Tour Price: $299 up to 2 people

Painted hills

This 5-hour tour hits another one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon and the amazing color spectrum that these epic hills offer.

Tour Price: $399 up to 2 people

Night Photo tour

This 4-hour tour takes advantage of the lack of ambient light in the Bend area and focuses on shooting all elements of the night sky.

Tour Price: $325 up to 2 people

Custom tours

This is a “choose your own adventure tour”. You tell us what you are looking to capture and we’ll tailor a tour to you! Tours start at $299.

Tour Price: TBD

Helicopter Tour Bend Photo Tour

HELICOPTER Photo Tour-Cascade Mountains

Shooting the Cascade Mountains from a helicopter at sunset is an unparalleled experience. We’ll take 2 hours; 1-hour door-less helicopter flight over the Cascades and 1-hour photo & Lightroom review, ending with a bottle of wine.

Tour Price: $899 up to 2 people

Smith Rock

This 2-hour tour heads to one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon at Sunset to capture the amazing geological marvel.

Tour Price: $299 up to 2 people


This 5-hour tour heads through the lush natural beauty of the McKenzie River showcasing stunning waterfalls around Bend, Oregon

Tour Price: $399 up to 2 people

Cascade Lakes HWy

With more than 14 alpine lakes along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Hwy, there’s no shortage of beauty to shoot. Join us for this stunning 5-hour tour.

JUNE 1- NOV 15 |Tour Price: $399 up to 2 people