Helicopter Photo Tour - Downtown Bend & Lava Lands

Photo Credit Jesse Polay - Big Mountain Heli Tours

Photo Credit Jesse Polay - Big Mountain Heli Tours


  • There’s nothing like photographs from above, and what better way to see the beauty Bend has to offer than from a Helicopter Tour! We’ve teamed up with Big Mountain Heli Tours to offer you the ultimate photography experience. We take the doors off to provide reflectionless views as we take you on an epic 30 minute helicopter tour of the amazing lava formation that changed the course of the Deschutes River before heading past the scenic Benham Falls, Dillon Falls, and Lava Island Falls then back along the Deschutes to Bend. Not to mention the views overlooking downtown Bend it’s self. You are guaranteed to get some seriously epic shots! We will go over basic photo questions you might have before we go up and following the tour we will go over basic Lightroom editing techniques to really make your photographs pop!

  • Private Tour capped at 2 people.

  • Total Tour Time - 1.5 hours | 1 hour photo/lightroom review and 30 min helicopter flight

  • Tour Price: $599 up to 2 people

Photo courtesy of Big Mountain Heli Tours

Photo courtesy of Big Mountain Heli Tours

Photo courtesy of Big Mountain Heli Tours

Photo courtesy of Big Mountain Heli Tours


Tour Length: 1.5/2 hours all inclusive

Difficulty: Easy, we’ll just be flyin high!

Tour Departure: We will meet at The Bend Tour Company in Downtown Bend, Oregon 1 hour prior to sunset.  We will end back at the same place.

Guides: What sets our team apart is no matter which guide you are matched with, all are expert published photographers are passionate about creating an tailored photographic experience with you. 

Weather Conditions: Although Bend is notorious for "300 day of sunshine a year" there are days where the weather is less than optimal.  In most cases we can can fly in most conditions, but on the rare case we can’t we will do our best to reschedule. Also keep in mind that inclement weather often results in some of the most dramatic and stunning photos! Just make sure you dress and prepare accordingly.  

What to Wear: You should check the weather forecast prior to coming on the trip. Keep in mind it’s COLD up in the air with the doors off and can get to 0 degrees in the winter and anywhere from 20-30 degrees on warmer days. We suggest gloves that you won’t need to take off to adjust your camera, warm hats, jackets and shoes are highly recommended! DON’T WEAR - scarves, baseball hats, flip flops, gloves that you will need to take off to make camera adjustments. Since there are no doors everything you bring on you into the helicopter, STAYS ON YOU for the fill duration of the flight.

Restroom Facilities: The airport has restrooms. 

Cell Phones: Sadly no phones if you are bringing your camera. With no doors on the helicopter we don’t want to have you putting one thing down to use the other with the potential of dropping something.

Group Size: 2 max - Private tour

Camera Gear: While our guides are all expert photographers, we might not be experts with your specific camera model.  In order to get the most out of the tour, you will need a camera that has the ability to control ISO, aperture and shutter speed independently, and know how to access those features on your camera. 

You will only be able to take up one camera, that must have a strap on it, and one lens on this tour, so we recommend a mid range zoom lens (24-70 on full frame or 18-55 on crop sensor) to get the most of the experience. If you have a more extensive zoom lens you can bring that instead. Since there is no room for a bags, don’t forget to charge your batteries, have blank memory cards, and cleaning your lens before you come.                                                         

If you need to rent gear for your trip we encourage you to use BorrowLenses.com

Cancellation/Re-Scheduling: Please see our Terms and Conditions.

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