Crater Lake/Diamond Lake Camping Photo Workshop - June 8-9, 2019!

Bend Photo Tours - Crater Lake


  • One of the “Seven Wonders of Oregon” Crater Lake is one of the most iconic landscapes in Oregon. We will set up camp at Diamond Lake, then hit up Crater Lake for sunset and stay for some stars.  Then head back to Diamond Lake to camp and potentially more night photography, then get up early for sunrise.  We will then head back over to Crater Lake for a moderate hike and more photography, then back to Bend for a post shoot recap in Adobe Lightroom.

  • This is a camping expedition, and you will need to provide all your own camping accessories. i.e. tent, sleeping bag, etc.

  • Workshop is capped at 6 people to ensure personalized instruction and individualized attention.

  • Space is limited so be sure to sign up today!

  • Tour Price: $749 / person

Crater Lake - Bend Photo Tours
Crater Lake - Bend Photo Tours


Tour Length:  2 days 

Workshop Departure: We will meet at The Bend Tour Company at 1:00pm on Saturday, June 8, 2019 where will pack up and discuss the plan for the trip. We will return the afternoon of Sunday, June 9, 2019 and have a 1-hour post shooting workshop on editing our photos with Lightroom.

Guides: What sets our team apart is no matter which guide you are matched with, all are expert published photographers are passionate about creating an tailored photographic experience with you. 

Weather Conditions: Although Central Oregon is notorious for "300 day of sunshine a year" there are days where the weather is less than optimal.  In most cases we will still have the expedition, but may change the location if possible.  Note that we cannot offer refunds due to weather unless we cannot go out at all, but will reschedule the expedition. Also keep in mind that inclement weather often results in some of the most dramatic and stunning photos! Just make sure you dress and prepare accordingly.

Food/Water: We will prepare dinner, breakfast and a light snack during the trip.  We will stop on the way back to Bend for lunch on your own. Water will be supplied at the camp site, but please bring your own container to fill.

What to Wear: You should check the weather forecast prior to the date of the workshop.  June is notoriously warm, but can cool down A LOT at night, so bring layers for camping. If it’s going to be hot, wear light-colored clothing and a hat. If the temperatures are cold, bring some warm layers and long pants. Don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen. If it’s very cold and or windy, don’t forget a jacket, warm hat and some gloves, especially for shooting at night. If rain is in the forecast, bring a rain jacket. We recommend wearing sturdy footwear due to the uneven terrain and we could do some hiking.

Group Size: 2 min - 6 max 

Camera Gear: A wide angle zoom lens is the most useful for night photos to get the most of the sky in the shot (equivalent 16-35 on a full-frame camera or 10-22mm on a crop sensor). In addition, the lower the aperture the better!  At least a F2.8, but F1.8-1.2 is always nice to have as well.  A mid-range lens can also come in handy or if you don’t have a wide angle (24-70 on full frame or 18-55 on crop sensor).  If you want to try and get in some tight shots of wildlife, I would also recommend a zoom lens (70-200mm works for most things).  Tripods are a must since we are shooting long exposures at night. You will also need a camera that has a "manual" setting or a way to you can control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO independently.  Don’t forget extra batteries, memory cards, and cleaning supplies.                                     

If you need to rent gear for your trip we encourage you to use

Additional Gear: You will need to provide everything for camping, including but not limited to: a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, pillow, all personal toiletries, clothing for 2 days, jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, etc.  Please consolidate your gear as much as possible. 

Cancellation/Re-Scheduling: Please see our Terms and Conditions.